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I cant stand snowflakes and I want out of here

Chilliwack, BC

User ID: 77088318
11/11/2018 11:58 PM

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Re: I cant stand snowflakes and I want out of here
So my life is getting difficult because I cant seem to keep my mouth in check when it comes to voicing my opinion on liberal BS. God I despise these people. Im sure they are insane or being drugged or have implants of some sort. Something is so wrong with them I cant even psychologically process their insanity

I work in an industry where almost everyone is liberal and I take classes with younger people who are also mostly liberal.

I am loosing work and I am getting stigmatized in my class for my political opinions on Trump, Sheer and Ford ( whom I support)

I seem to have an impulsive commentary on every stupid sheep snowflake comment that I hear or see because it is psychologically unbearable for me to listen to such complete bullshit.

Every night I tell myself, if I want to get work in the future, I had better stop this... but still I keep doing it.

I don't know how much more I can take.

So please,

Trump , if you are out there, please create a new policy and open your borders to Canadians who are being persecuted for their religion/colour/ political beliefs.

Ive been harassed for being white because I won't "check my white privilege"

I'm loosing work because of my political opinions.

I cannot network with Liberals they are insane

I cannot co exist engulfed by liberal victim syndrome everywhere I go.

Shit has gotten so real, I need out of here.

Can somebody put forward a policy...a refugee status for those who are Canadian born before 1984 with no criminal history.

This demographic is your friend.
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Trudeau must geau!