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Message Subject I had a dream about a woman - who I've never seen - and she exists!
Poster Handle ChasingWabbits
Post Content
Interesting, and strange.

Wow, the curiosity of wanting to know who this person is would eat at me. I guess you could look to see if she is a prosecutor or a defense attorney and make up some kind of story that would align with the type of legal work she does. Then, call her number and talk to her. Don't tell her you had a dream about her right off the bat, though, yikes. Some law firms allow for a free consultation, so it wouldn't cost you anything to either talk to her on the phone or meet with her for 15 minutes. Other law firms charge, so you may end up needing to pay, which could raise issues with your wife if she sees that you were billed for an attorney visit.

You could be walking into dangerous territory, though, especially if you are looking to have an affair and you have young children with your wife.

Keep us posted, as I am curious to know what you may find out about this woman if/when you meet her and how the two of you may be connected somehow. Strange.
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