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Message Subject I had a dream about a woman - who I've never seen - and she exists!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Another example...

I dreamed of a man with an very, very unusual surname, one which I had never heard before.

The very first hit on G***le for that name led me to the homepage of a young man, in America (again!).

On his homepage, he mentioned his family history and how his great-grandparents (perhaps grandparents, I can't remember for sure) had emigrated from the UK to the USA.

From his family history, it turns out that, before emigrating, his great-grandparents had owned the business in the UK where my great-grandfather had worked all his life as a cooper (barrel-maker).

The only two things I know about my great-grandfather are where he worked and his occupation. I never met him, and don't even know his given name.

What are the chances of this dreamed connection? Is it a freaky coincidence? Who knows?

Perhaps there's a 64-year-old woman from Long Island reading this on GLP. It wouldn't surprise me, at all ;)
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