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Message Subject I had a dream about a woman - who I've never seen - and she exists!
Poster Handle Midwest Skeptic
Post Content
Ah. You found your wife's lawyer.
 Quoting: Zer0Phi

Reminds me of the segment on "Two and a Half Men" where Charlie Harper starts dating his brother's (Alan) divorce attorney (Heather Locklear), and then breaks up with her, and she screws over Alan, her client, in the Divorce Settlement so as to get back at Charlie.

Heather Locklear basically plays herself ... crazy b---h ... and it unfortunately reflects the real mindset of some women, particularly the very pretty ones who also have aggressive type personalities, when they are DUMPED.

ANY female attorney is suspect, and believe me I know enough of them (probably have had to deal with 100+ in my life) ... and they can be among the most vicious of all humans when they get upset about something. Ruining people is a SPORT for some of them. (and some guy who they don't know contacting them from out of the blue would upset 99% of all women imo)

Time for you to NOT contact this woman in any way, manner, etc.. Karma works in strange ways and I can NOT see anything Positive FOR YOU coming out of you having any contact with that woman. I can guarantee you right now it would end up being a complete and total Cluster Fuck FOR YOU!!

Chalk it up to some strange time/knowledge ripple in that part of the universe we do not understand, and let the situation just FADE AWAY.
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