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Message Subject I had a dream about a woman - who I've never seen - and she exists!
Poster Handle Freckle Face
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This thing goes pretty high up in my personal weird-shit-o-meter. Some months ago I was fully asleep, and I had a dream where in an empty room with white walls all around, in front of me stood a young blond lady in a black dress. She didn't say anything, it felt more like watching a live photo. But I somehow got the feeling that the message was "here I am".

Nothing special about it, but somehow this image got burned in my head, and I still remember it clearly, including what she looked like. It was so different from any other dream I've ever had.

Now then, last night, when I was about to wake up, I had a vision of an internet address - it was complete BS - apart from the last part, which was like ..../firstname.lastname. That was a woman's firstname. Waking up I googled that name, and voila, there she was in front of me. The woman from my dream. She's a lawyer, apparently 27 years old, she had her full contact details and picture on her lawfirm's website.

Now first of all, what are the odds to this? First seeing someone in my dream, then getting her name in another dream? I mean I am married and all, so this doesn't really fit in any way.

Should I anyway try to contact her? She will probably think I'm just some random stalker (rightfully so) and block me. Could these dreams have a meaning? Could they be reflections from a past life?

Has anyone ever heard anything similar?
 Quoting: Carlos

Pretty cool, Op.

My husband saw my profile (my face from a side view) and heard my voice (singing) years before we met. We lived in different states. I was visiting a friend in his state and he passed by me and nearly lost his balance when he saw my profile. He moved in closer, heard me speaking, and instantly knew I was the woman in his vision/dream. We officially met, got engaged, and two months later were married. Many, many years ago, still going strong.

Maybe your connection to this woman in your dream is for something else, since you’re married, maybe she needs your help or you will need hers.
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