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Message Subject Urgent! California fires updates!! 42 casualties! Winds 40 to 70 mph!! Day 3! Extreme fire conditions today for San Diego!
Poster Handle Grey Eagle
Post Content

If they kept any financial reserves at all from all of those millionaires they extortionately tax, they wouldn't have a problem.

Trump will be a softy and bail them out because he clearly has not had enough experience with immature, irresponsible addicts who always need to be bailed out.
 Quoting: TlvmmCpoft

He should consider the county. A ton of conservatives live in Ventura county. It's also home to many DoD related companies and 2 military bases. Good people surrounded by and subjected to leftist fascism.

Btw, the fire in Camarillo is like 10 miles from the Borderline bar.
 Quoting: FivelCubed

Its spreading fast!
 Quoting: Truth Seeker!

California trying to shoot up and burn down anyone who votes against them?
 Quoting: TlvmmCpoft



CA is Ground Zero right now in The Battle for The NWO.

DEW weapons employed, paid arsonists, FF gun/mass-shootings, tyrannical China-funded Sacramento politics, very high taxation, Sanctuary Cities, massive Trump-rebellion, you name it .. CA has it.

Whatever they employ in CA and find success with, they will soon employ the very same in the rest of the US.

KNOW YOUR ENEMY, humanity.
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