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Message Subject Breaking: Borderline Bar and Grill Shooter Identified: Ex-Marine Ian Long – Wore All Black, Heavily Tatttooed, Drove Mom’s Car to Bar
Poster Handle Seagull Lake
Post Content

Killing 13 and injurying only 1... Using a 9mm rapid firing into a bar filled with people... A bar that had been smoke bombed...


Laughing witnesses and not a single drop of blood anywhere. Let me guess, the LEOs immediately pronounced all victims dead on scene, no paramedics needed to assess and rush victims to hospitals?

Anyone claiming this to be real is either a complete retard or paid to say so.
 Quoting: EESwe

He used a .45 pistol. Far more deadly than most. Being a keyboard warrior is easy sometimes, but this shit is real and it happened.
 Quoting: AmericanSpyglass

Bullshit, treefiddy.

Impossible to get that kill-wound ratio firing rapidly into a crowded room filled with smoke. No matter what ammo.

Now get lost, shill.

 Quoting: EESwe

So before you call me a shill, I have supported this site financially for over a year and a half. So let’s talk a second. Consider ballistics, and the situation, and the quality of the marksman.

Do you know what the wounds were? Nope. Nothing released as of yet.

He knew how to hit targets, and to aim for the greatest center of mass. As a marksman you are trained to hit the biggest center of mass with a handgun. He was trained to do this, and he had the perfect weapon to cause major damage to the torso. A .45. Go on YouTube and see what a .22 or a 9mm does compares to a .45 round.

Witnesses said he knew what he was doing with firearms. Which means he took a measure of time between shots. A marine would do that in a soft target situation.

In a crowded bar with people all over each other, and a highly trained marksman, not “spraying and praying” and not having to compete with nearly 1000m of distance to slow the round, and make it go awry, like Stephen Paddock did, it’s plausible he would kill 13 and wound 1.

Are you thinking about how long it takes someone to bleed out? What about victims that were already shot, but trampled in the chaos? What about police response time? What about medical response time?

You aren’t remotely qualified to say it didn’t happen.

The narrative is suspect as always, but real people died. Go away in a hole somewhere.
 Quoting: AmericanSpyglass

I don’t want to get in the way of your pontificating, but of course people are allowed to doubt an official narrative!
Where have you been hiding?!
Was anyone on this site “qualified” to call b.s. on the smear campaign on Kavanaugh? Yet, they did. And strangely, history is showing they were right to.
Get off yer high horse.

AND, as has been said, there are an infinite variety of false flag variations, they are thought up by people with i.q.’s a heck of a lot higher than yours and mine, and are sociopaths, and have massive support to carry them off.

If they are willing to kill people to take your 2nd amemndment, they are willing to hoax you. They can mix it up, some real vicitims, some not,

but to not be skeptical of some glaring oddities about this event is naive.
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