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Message Subject Voter Fraud
Poster Handle Go Ozark!
Post Content
I can't believe just how hard this has to be. It's just a g-damned tally system for fuck sakes.

Free National Voter ID--(proof of citizenship required)--mandatory.

All paper ballots with thumb print in ink and all voter information contained in such--mandatory. (They know how you vote anyway.)

Consistent voting windows, nationally--mandatory. (No open late crap or extensions of any kind.)

Count by hand, by two representatives from each party, with witnesses, consistently and structured--mandatory.

And screw how long it takes to get it right...if it takes weeks, so be it.

Then, there is zero questions, zero fraud, zero complaints or unfair practices.

Best get this on the board, like yesterday...maybe we can have something in place by 2020.

Enough with the bullshit and, no, no one is falling for it anymore...especially with the advent of instantaneous e-media and internet...the old school political screw-over is based on pre-internet. No one is falling for this shit.

Either we come together and do this type of thing or is going to be balls-to-the-wall civil unrest. Hey, I can go either way at this point.

A blast of righteous indignation and gratuitous violence is just the ticket to bust up this logjam...and I'm in...put me in coach...game's nearly over!

Trump and team have till the end of the year to get this and the rest of the shit show in order or I'm going to Plan B. I'm not going be very supportive of any of it for much longer.
 Quoting: Go Ozark!

But that would destroy the Democrat's future voter base!
 Quoting: Magna Cacca

Then it's time they came up with something that works...you know, engineer a solution to their problem.
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