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Message Subject Skeletons Sitting in Burned Out Cars at California's Camp Fire.
Poster Handle AkashicRecord®
Post Content
Now that's some crazy shit right there.

I mean yes, that's what fire does of course but damn...the ferocity of this 'Camp Fire' is definitely remarkable.
 Quoting: BillLumbergh

I used to live in that exact town some years ago.

There was another "Camp Fire" back then that almost engulfed the town...the only reason it didn't was because the winds didn't shift direction.

We always had this fear that something like that exact video would happen pretty quickly because there are only about two ways down and out of the area...
 Quoting: AkashicRecord®

We are glad you moved! Did you know anyone there? Only a couple of ways out... imagine those getting blocked! It's good you comment because we learn more about the situation.

Speaking of trapped. I always shake my head when I drive by a house and every window and door has black iron bars on them. I always say to myself "what if there's a fire...it's a death trap".
 Quoting: Ruprecht

Luckily, I don't think anyone I knew remained in the area. I had a friend in Magalia (farther north of Paradise) but they sold their home and moved.

I'm shocked seeing those cars with charred skeletons in the seats! This fire is terrifying! Some of those people HAD NO CHANCE!!!
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