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Message Subject CLASSIFIED AERIAL DEW Weapons has always been used for most of the California Fires - MELTED ALUMINUM WHEELS! - need UNCLE INTEL please!
Poster Handle Djibouti Military Intelligence
Post Content
This BBC video below, shows how the map of the California High-Speed railway overlaps the railway that comes down from Alaska, that originates in Russia.
[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

This plan has been in the works for decades. Russia has dedicated the money to complete this job.
[link to inhabitat.com (secure)]

The previous admin' had sidetracked/circumvented $100-million for the railway from Siberia to Alaska.
President Obama was said to be the first president to visit Alaska in over 50-years. What was the real purpose of that trip? Was it to visit the largest FEMA Camp in western Alaska, or to check out the tunnel work on this side of the project?

The fire deaths are nothing but "collateral damage," to the movers and shakers. They believe these type of projects by saying "the end justifies the means," and are on a "need to know basis," that's why this thread will disappear of will be buried and I will get banned.

Do you remember a few years ago that firefighters in Washington State were confronted by armed Russian military men in the forrest? They prevented them from entering a certain area. This news faded very fast, too.
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super appreciated!

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