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Message Subject CLASSIFIED AERIAL DEW Weapons has always been used for most of the California Fires - MELTED ALUMINUM WHEELS! - need UNCLE INTEL please!
Poster Handle Anonymous Cowarcl
Post Content
The following have been destroyed in the fires...

- Aluminium car rims... Melt at 1220.54 fahrenheit
- Human bodies - Crematorium temperatures range from 1400 to 1800 fahrenheit to completely incinerate bodies.
- Granite counter tops... Melt at 2300 fahrenheit.
- Window Glass... Melts at 2550 degrees fahrenheit.
- Toilet bowls (porcelain)... Melt at 3344 Fahrenheit.

Usual temperature of a forest fire is about 1,470 fahrenheit
Usual target temperature of a DEW is about 5,000 fahrenheit


- Nearby trees are often warped into a bow and trees have been found with their core alight, yet the bark on top undamaged.

DEW uses microwaves which cause items like trees to bow.
And heats from the core
Forest fires cause marginal warping and heats from the surface.

So, which one was responsible?
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