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Message Subject CLASSIFIED AERIAL DEW Weapons has always been used for most of the California Fires - MELTED ALUMINUM WHEELS! - need UNCLE INTEL please!
Poster Handle JoJo1973
Post Content
Do yourself a favor and look up the work of Dr. Judy Wood.

You will find all of your answers as she lays them out for you line by line.
 Quoting: Loup Garou

I just looked up Dr Judy Woods California Fires....
I listened to some of a radio interview she did and she totally DOWNPLAYS any exotic weaponry and says that they are "normal" fores...
BLATANTLY disregarded the reports as well as VIDEO EVIDENCE that ppl captured of BEAMS shooting down from the sky to ignite the targets below,
she totally dismissed that...WTF ?!
She had some cutting edge info regarding 9-11,
now she's just towing the line...
maybe she was threatened...or maybe she was just controlled opposition all along.She

At any rate, SHE IS WRONG about the Cali fires being "normal" and any one with an OUNCE of common sense and scrutinizing ability can see that.

 Quoting: SkyTiger

Dr. Judy Wood didn't start off a shill. I listened to her after her book came out, "Where did the Towers Go?" and she was very much a different speaker at the time. Very convincing, obviously an extremely intelligent woman who knows her stuff.

Her book is not an easy read if you're not a physicist, which I am not but the pictures are extremely well done plus the physical evidence she presents, beyond doubt, points that DEWs were used on 9/11 (probably along with other explosive devices although she dismisses them).

She never mentioned where the DEWs were coming from. She just said they were used. That, itself, upset a lot of researchers. She just presented 'the evidence'. End of story.

Many other authors and speakers have commented on how she has changed especially when initially interviewed after 9/11. Many used to communicate with her and it wasn't long before she was calling them 'conspiracy theorists'...that worn out term that dismissed real researchers and critical thinkers. So they knew she was gotten to.

Now we know why. Give the professor some slack IMO.

GLPers know what happens to whistleblowers.

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