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Message Subject CLASSIFIED AERIAL DEW Weapons has always been used for most of the California Fires - MELTED ALUMINUM WHEELS! - need UNCLE INTEL please!
Poster Handle TrustNoOneKS
Post Content
Eh, as I've said in other posts, I'm actually a wildlands firefighter having served on engines , hand crews and shot crews.

There is some crazy questionable shit going on.

But do you even fire science bro?

I've been in fire since 05 since I got outta the Marine corps.

But uhh seriously...do understand what type of fuels burn and for how long. Type 1, type 2 and type 3 fuels.

It is NOT uncommon to see temps reach over 2000° in a wind driven type 1 fuel fire.

Plus your talking lots of oily oak, tall European grasses,

Fast and hot.

No dews we're not selecting houses. Can't control where six foot sections of fiery roofs fall.

Green trees hold alot of water.

By the way I work on the plumas.

I'm not saying there isn't something nefarious going on, but all this confusion that fires can't melt aluminum rims and blah blah. Did u know most house catch fire from the inside from a forest fire... It's typically the drapes that go first within minutes the whole house.

Seriously I should do a thread on fire.
Lots of misconceptions and lack of knowledge.

My 1st big fire was the Yorba Linda fire. Almost got burned over in an engine , came super close.
 Quoting: SierraNevadaHerbage

Thank for your adding your experience. I think people just want to believe every little thing they see without having any real knowledge of how things work. It only takes some research to see this has happened in fires that burned way before there could have ever have been DEWs. I took the time to look and research this. If only others would do the same. Exceptional post!

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