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Politics your energy and the Occult , shoot the dog and kill the pony and the show ends.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 76423133
11/15/2018 06:02 AM
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Politics your energy and the Occult , shoot the dog and kill the pony and the show ends.
Listen , I'm talking light here.

The Dog and pony show called politics A summary :

1 Uranium 1 ... ticktock ticktock boomboom bambam oinkoink...
2 Hilary Prison yet ?
3 Mass arrests ? don't think so.
4 Q calls mister Hicks a fraud So follow the mistery man/woman..
5 Alex jones banned ? who helped trump.
6 Trump invites Q supporters , Makes an Air Q
7 Conservative sites banned ?
8 Gab banned !
9 Bitchute banned !
10 Elections stolen ?
11 Freedom of speech Dead ?
12 Bigtech meddling elections So whats done about that ?
13 Slap on the wrist right ?

14 CONCLUSION Democrazy dead ... well print out the ballots. action ? Trump does Tweet tweet.

15 Caravan Immigrants coming ? probably let them in right ?
16 rinse and repeat , next news cycle.

Solution :

So kill the dog and eat the pony , escape the system by not being part of it.

Think Occult.

Occult and politics is more than walnutsauce (distraction and truth). it's about the true nature of the universe.

There is God there are humans and there is energy. Don't believe in God only try to understand Him...

(no religion just observation here)

The latent energy of every human is enough to manifest reality. Yet humanity is bound by words / context. An incoherent force is the result. Everyone is unable to manifest.

Leeches :

The dark knows and uses that latent energy. I understand it all , but can't do a damm thing about it. Basically it's time to leave the dog and pony show called politics. The spiritual realm is real and the home of humanity. To understand what is happening now a (very) brief history.

History (itś still Genesis now)

1 Humans are an artificial (but don't think tech here) liveform created to serve as host for very advanced spirits.
Humans = Nature + extradimensions.

2 Something went wrong in the past. Humans became exiled , disconnected from the ultimate reality. (what we see in the sky is not the universe but a distorted projection)

3 Science started to understand this , governments knew and know.

6 Dark forces (leaches of latent energy humans) interfered a lot in the past. The agreement light/dark was no direct (physical) manifestations. Information wasn't part of the agreement. The dark started to control all communications on the planet internet/media/phones !!!! (ask yourself where does the crazy come from)

7 The agenda was 2012 , a choice and the truth. In 2012 humanity wasn't ready to decide (as a result of interference of the dark), another 7 years or so were given.

8 About a month ago 2018 sept/okt (spiritual plane) choice was made for the light by humanity. Free humanity is of the light now (symbolic the 144000 (but in theory whole humanity)) . That choice should be accepted by Dark.

9 However Dark started to interfere again. Dijn demons , daemons , Entity's however you may call them. Should back of by now , but it seems it doesn't happen.

10 In fact another free manifestation was destroyed. By Now , this goes directly against free will. Light started to react.

Current signs.

Civilians always loose in any war. If the occult starts to manifest it's an whole different kind of ballgame. However Free-will is not compromised.

Explanation :

So I assume that staying out of context gives some protection at least. To understand what is happening at base level think (as metaphore) Rupert sheldrake morphologically fields.
If you think the wrong stuff , you might get connect to a 'toxic' field. Random thoughprocesses will generate thoughts that steer your spirit away from the light.

What I'm basically saying here is that ALL INDIRECT COMMUNICATIONS DONE BY SOME KIND OF TECH will induce eventstreams/ thoughts that are destructive to spiritual advancement. And now they will probably even have influence on physical events.

Binding :

Basically all MainStreamMedia (dark) does is triggering and binding. If you feel triggered you loose energy. Combine that with the attacks on identity of (Sex / gender / culture / family) and it becomes clear that following MSM , just listening to it may actually hurt your spirit. I'm sure many people agree with it.

Don't crystalize reality if in bad state of consious :

For a fact everything you don't know is undefined , don't answer the question how schoedingers cat is doing and you're fine. D
The crystalization of reality (copenhagen collapse function) can be controlled with latent energy. So the key in changing reality is getting your own latent energy back. And to do that you have to disconnect from the to you by INFORMATION presented reality for a while. If enough people start to do this the spell is broken.

So basically : 'kill the dog and shoot the pony and the show ends' simple as that.

User ID: 76323127
11/15/2018 06:21 AM
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Re: Politics your energy and the Occult , shoot the dog and kill the pony and the show ends.
Yes, empty your cup.
Please hold still so I can cut your hair long