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Message Subject What would you say to him?
Poster Handle the path
Post Content
happening again …

 Quoting: the path

The Lesson to be understand HERE for those that Listen with the eye of the HEART is that It’s our job to see how these realities function so we can be who we are, without all the baggage and attacks that generally handcuff us and keep us from our being our very best.

Some have to stop the vicious cycles and by doing so, stop those blackened souls who use our inner character failings as doorways of control. Take control of yourself, and others lose control over you. These “attacks” of a psychic kind so many complain of pretty much come to an end.

WE GIVE THEM THE DOORWAY AND KEY. Shut the door and lock it with self-awareness and control of your OWN SELF.

Remember the ancient rule: they only have as much power over you as you allow them.

Also ....By indulging in self-destructive behaviors and thinking, we give our adversaries every advantage and give ourselves, nothing. See yourself as you really are. Take control.

Find those opposites to your character dents and give them time and energy. Change things. Act decisively.

And be free.

 Quoting: The_O_

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