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Message Subject What would you say to him?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Been walking both for 47 years in this current material body.

Two worlds. Made of different densities of vibrating energy.

Physical dense lower visible material world below we call earth.

Non-physical light higher invisible spiritual world above we call heaven, astral, dreamworld, place where spirits/souls go when they leave the flesh.

Both have the same systems. Same problems. Same solutions. Above is layered over below. The only separation is the one created in your mind. It's already here, always has been.

Both are vast having billions of beings, millions of places to visit in them.

The barrier is breaking between them as we below raise our vibrations and we above lower our vibrations. Eventually both worlds will collide, merge into one. Meet in the middle. Balance. Singularity.

All these tall tales are used to either teach how to ascend/descend or as distraction to prevent the merge. Same beings who promote fear, WW3, don't want the merge to take place. When it happens the systems of master and slave on both sides will end. There will only be one single realm. It will be impossible to hypnotize anyone when the truth is seen by everyone. Peace, true peace comes when "heaven" comes down to "earth."

It's that simple. Work to raise your physical vibrations while lowering your spiritual vibrations at the same time. That's how the barrier will be broken. See the lessons in the tales. Let go of fear conditioning that god is going to punish you or bring about wrath. We do that to ourselves. The true creator wants you to evolve both physically and spiritually.
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