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Message Subject What would you say to him?
Poster Handle ~Newton's Own~
Post Content
you're all going to find out that what I've told you is absolutely correct. and, when you do, it'll be too late for you. and, there will be no pity whatsoever for any of you.

i haven't posted on this site for years because i hate you all so much and because that, no matter what, i am different from you all. i only came here today to say this because i also hate that you all lead so many to hell without them knowing what the situation is.

now copy that and make your way to hell with your cheap imitations.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75118348

My my...
A passionate hater.
I like that applause2

Tell more, please :-)
 Quoting: *Siberia*

Well Passionate Hater lol

We all know what hate is and how it can fill a person.

It can drive them to mental images of savagery, malice, and cruel acts.

It can and often does, drive them to act out the feelings within the bosom of their heart.

Once a person decides upon allowing this frequency to overtake their thinking and feeling states, they are often quite capable of doing any and every kind of imaginable harm, very often justified by some ridiculous set of conditions which they believe wholeheartedly, gives them the absolute right to hate and therefore act upon that hatred.

But what where dealing with here is something different lol I Think there is some-type of membership of the “network,” a unique clique of half-human, half-Something Weird/demonically controlled souls who by dint of their very existence live, breath and serve the lower frequencies: fear, lust, anger, hatred, judgment, gluttony, apathy, malice, and so on. gluttony, apathy, malice, and so on.

Funny thing is the more they attack, the more obvious it becomes to everyone in here and lolol just to repeat myself That speaks volumes. And, no need for claim-making here.

All is visible, verifyable, and witnessed and recorded.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 73730534

But... but... a passionate hater is so much alike to a passionate lover...

Oh, yeah.
Every thing is recorded and also backed-up.
You may think it can be erased in the flashlight moment of a supernova explosion yet there is a backup.
Isn't that funny ?

 Quoting: *Siberia*

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