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Message Subject What would you say to him?
Poster Handle *Saylor*
Post Content
There are many methods of teaching... Shock and awe is one, but it has proven to be largely ineffective and prone to unintended consequences.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76573577

Valid point however I’m sure there are certain circumstances where it must be utilized. To think that the Earth doesn’t have some sort of intelligent design to protect itself is silly. At that point we can only blame ourselves.
 Quoting: *Saylor*

The Earth is Part of US We have a deep relationships on every level with HER.
 Quoting: The_O_

The earth maintain a life belt of electromagnetic fields that vibrate at a wide variety of spectra and this from ELF to extremely high frequencies.

Some narrow frequency ranges are resonant harmonic, with waves as long as the entire earth.

I use to say the etheric frequency rises and the magnetic fields goes in and out of phase.

Now these higher frequency energies affect other energy systems: money, water, electricity and no matter how energy is translated into the world, it is affected.

The etheric field and magnetic field are tied together and what affects one affects the other.

The magnetic field also keeps of the lower etheric and astral in check. IF that breaks where gonna Have The Earth Stood Still moment....!

The magnetic field is EVERYTHING HERE.
 Quoting: The_O_

What do you envision happens when the Earth stands still? Does everything return to its source and condense?
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