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Message Subject What would you say to him?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Thread: Who's ready for the strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities!? I've come to realize it is inevitable.

The US invaded an entire country on the slight suspicion of wmds. Now with an openly hostile country (Iran) actively pursuing nuclear weapons capability, it seems more likely than ever of a real war in the Middle East. Israel has made it very clear that their strategy is one of preemptive strikes. Netenyahu has said many times that he will do whatever it takes to ensure Iran does not create nuclear weapons. Well everybody, we are at what I believe is the final catalyst to strikes against Iran's nuclear facilities. I believe that the US, UK, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and possibly other countries will participate in these strikes to ensure that Russia will not try to stop it. Russia has always been the defender of Iran and the ONLY reason that the strikes haven't already happened. I think that the US was hoping that Iran would stop it's nuclear program through diplomatic means, but it has failed. I actually believe that the nuclear deal was a very very good thing and should never have been pulled out of. Even with all the bad parts of the deal, it still prevented Iran from even coming close to nuclear weapons. Now 5 years later, an all out economic war against them seemed like the right move to get them to not pursue the weapons??!!! No there must be something more sinister brewing here. Considering Netenyahu pretty much owns half the White House, I think that pulling out of the deal was his plan all along. His goal has been absolutely clear. He wants to strike Iran's nuclear sites ASAP. He even went so far as to publish PICTURES OF THE SECRET SITES. But as we all know, it has fallen on deaf ears. The Aramco attacks were a wake up call for the middle east. So were the tanker attacks. It seems that Netenyahu will finally get what he has wanted for so many years. An opportunity to strike Iran!
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