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Message Subject What would you say to him?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
what the key represent?
just 1 key (Vehicle)....
(from 2 key)

what Car/vehicle represent?

Just like what Fools Gold represent?
but At least Fools gold
already click with GLP wisdom of the crowd
to bring awareness to ...
 Quoting: the path

Yea, nobody can help but they leave clues everywhere
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 73686636

old soul help him ...
and probably some different dimension/time also help him
too via clues they send it maybe i can not described
probably from Quantum entanglement and related to
as we already reach impressive Quantum tech too
so they can message him via text

The old soul bring that key to him
same as old soul said 6 light being represent Light are servant to him

key is probably a symbol
car is symbol as vehicle or transforming?
 Quoting: the path

[link to imgur.com (secure)]

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