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Message Subject What would you say to him?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
He is the ReTaRD

[link to godlike.com (secure)]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78160735

yep in a sense
is a Fool
Retard is mocked so not a good label for Him

very humble
easy to be mocked
but super big heart

yet GLP provide so many wisdom of the crowd
and connected the dot with what he feel
or what he encounter is
suprisingly sync

Latest sync is of course the moment
some GLP post about number 176
the funny thing is the OP that wrote 176
post about the other meaning of 176
but if we check on 176 more intensively
176 means amnesia

so it is not coincidence if he has to live in
secret location in not so hot not so cold
that related to number G 176

G is used by GLP to represent Masonic G symbol
but also to represent something Higher
and G is also hex 47

so Him is G 176 is Higher Level than this planetary level
realm, but amnesia, all is so fit

with that he always have different opinion
means like a fool in strange place
 Quoting: the path

The bot path makes up garble.

Meanwhile brainwashing continues....

The next Shooter Terrorist incident is created right here on GLP....

New Zealand was one of them Insiders

Aren't they all insiders who couldn't "go with the program"?

The school shooters in the USA...

Yeah the program is a very tight mindcontrol program

Perhaps a bit TOO tight

But the one they couldn't contain they desire to control anyway.... because FREAKS ON INSIDE about to get exposed.... names out means burn means death.... 2u

If this is what they choose then LETS BURN THE CHURCH

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