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Message Subject What would you say to him?
Poster Handle ~Newton's Own~
Post Content

Path is 100% sure he is the anomaly. just like Lucy...
 Quoting: King Triad

Haven't you figured it out? Everyone is, underneath the cloud of delusional self-existence we think we are
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 68173836

Everyone thinks they are except the real one most likely.

He probably just wants to be normal.

I don't really know I'm just guessing.
 Quoting: ~Newton's Own~

Everyone IS already One.

They only need to realize this truth to break free from the prison.

"He" is sad that nobody will help him by realizing this truth for themselves. He cannot help them unless they accept the truth, to which they will spread this light to others in need.

If no one accepts the truth and does not put the tenants of truth into action, then He cannot help them.

They must all realize they are all King's and Queens in the kingdom of the Most High as they are all One with God.

The programming is so intense that everyone fights the obviousness of the situation to protect their ego's fears of losing it's identity... they fear going crazy or the propaganda of the "hive mind".

When you have a family, you create a type of family Soul where you all work together for the benefit of each other. Is this the "hive mind" you fear? Is anyone in the family sacrificing their individuality to recognize that they are One family unit and to benefit the other is to benefit yourself?

The Kingdom of God is no different. Love is the truth that we must aspire to as it demonstrates the knowledge of the truth that we are all One.

It is only when you have faced the fears of losing yourself that you will find yourself, and in finding yourself you will see yourself in every eye that looks upon you as well as every grain of sand that exists in the Universe.

It is all a reflection of you for you.

But not the ego "you". That is not the real you and is no different then a computer program created and installed by some nefarious intention to control your actions.

The "you" I am referring to is the "you" that exists beyond your name, date of birth, your personal tastes, the clothes you wear, etc... the "you" that exists in your deepest dreams is closer to the real "you" and this "you" already knows that all is connected and interdependent just like the cells in your body.

This is the truth you must come to realize and accept who you are. You are One with God right now.

Only when you have accepted this truth on a very deep personal level and cast out the lies of separateness you have been led to believe can the New World of truth emerge from the former world of deception.

The only way to win this fight is for you to personally challenge yourself and your deepest fears and desires and overcome them. When you do realize the truth for yourself and take your place at foot of God to rule over all creation, you will cast out the darkness of ignorance with the light of truth that already exists within you, you just have to realize it.

This is His purpose. The same as Christ.
Christ cannot save you. He can only present the truth and hope that you realize it for yourself and accept it and through this understanding you can be saved from the deception that seeks to usurp your Soul and destroy you.

You are in the jungle learning to survive.
Either sink or swim.

If you want to swim, then study, meditate, be truthful and above all... Know Thyself.
 Quoting: fiat lux 78163351

Preaching the the choir bud.

Head down to your local homeless shelter and enlighten them, if you can.
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