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Message Subject What would you say to him?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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And every one of them had a different idea of what waking up entailed. This site focuses more on Plato than Epicurus for example. I think we all know why. Noble lies.
 Quoting: Mr. Robot

There is no "idea" of what it is to "wake up", as as soon as you formulate the idea, you've just thrown a new matrix right over your perceptions, and are once against lost in the rapids of the river of experience, so to speak.

Thus, you won't find any cognizant description of what it is to "wake up", you will only find all manner of approximations in an attempt at getting the general idea across, without generating an idea. Which is why it's not so easy, and why it's almost impossible for you to grok.

Ohh now you've done it, ol' RandomS is gonna pull out some zen quotes!

Shining of the sun and moon,
As profound as the constant flow
Of the rivers and streams.
If it is somehow blocked or obstructed,
Clear away the blockages and break
Through the obstructions and you will
Again see the basic essence.
The reason why the ancients
Gave this such urgency and
Such emphasis is precisely that
They wanted us to make whole
This ever-shining, ever-bright essence.

— Zou Shouyi (1491-1562)
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