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Message Subject What would you say to him?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I am a Westerner. All these philosophies and theologies are collectivist. Joseph Campbell already peppered his remarks on Eastern/Primitive (his words) religions with enough libertarian asides to show where he stood. If you believe in caste, then fight for it like caste does. Hypnotizing people is for fakirs, and people are perfectly willing to die in a nuclear conflagration rather than have their privacy and other liberties reduced to that of the Third World, outside of a select and very wealthy few. Trying to find a Middle Way just shows you are a coward in addition to your malicious view of your fellow humans.
 Quoting: Mr. Robot

Hey, you are from America, where the people fight hand and tooth to have their privacy be not existent. I am from Canada, where we have demanded and obtained laws for privacy and so are actually private :D

For example, it is illegal here for an employer to check out your social media to decide if they will hire you or not.

Anyway westerners, which I am one of as well, are a funny lot. Our native spirituality is lost to the dark ages, when the middle-eastern religions and their armies invaded and enslaved the entire population. So now the western world worships a desert deity from the middle east. How logical is that?

Again: the only thing you need to do is take up authentic meditation. There's no need for any other person's involvement, no need for any saviors or spiritual masters or any such thing. You yourself already have everything you need to break free. But we are so well programmed that we don't actually want to break free, however much we like to shit about it online to our buddies. Because it's actual work. Work work work.

Easier to just act like a TV evangelical, or a political talking head personality, and try to get attention that way, isn't it? That's what the populace wants, and that's what they are not going to get.

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