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Message Subject What would you say to him?
Poster Handle Synchronous
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Thread: Your plaNET is not enough for hiM!

You see his divine prospects but let's not forget he does recognize various degrees of life that are extremely powerful to him, to a degree in which actually brings him an unsettled feeling, but with the drive to make unification with those entities.

One thing that especially drove them to his notice was that instead of asking anything from them, he actually offered his support at a time of need, and went out of his way to collaborate with the grey alien species to bring them genetic stability and keep them out of the hands of malevolence, because he saw they felt something he felt, like they were merely existing, but never truly alive.

Do you really think the act of doing that wouldn't go noticed to countless ranges of life all over? Some random nobody from a corroding half dead world, randomly ascending to compassion so deep he saved the lives of others from galaxies away and beyond, for the sake of their future and emotional growth, for them to live in prosper without ever needing to give anything in return

The entire cosmos spoke of him on their news networks for days.

There's a reason he's not able to rule a galaxy, and it's because there's not really a position open for it to him, and his job is given by the one that stands above all and no one else, and he's allowed this and decided on it because it's the valor his soul was birthed with.

He's a set of wings, meant to carry those to the heavens. For all people of all worlds that have no chance of survival on their own merit based off all conceivable evidence.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 60407566

anyone can rule from the shadows; why is a pulpit or throne necessary?
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