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Message Subject What would you say to him?
Poster Handle Mr. Robot
Post Content

The rational voice, talking about choices, wasn't your first gambit. Think about it. If there are no general and universal consequences to my behavior--for EVERYONE WHO DOES THEM--then they are being specifically tailored to me, and there is an external, human power that you are deliberately leaving out of your description. If what I do is important, then have someone who is also important, or who directly benefits from my behavior (not one who suffers from it, because those are weak and therefore unimportant people in your scheme) tell me why in clear, concrete and complete explanations without being condescending or threatening, and preferably in person. Otherwise, I don't give a shit, and this suffering isn't elective but to prove loyalty to a group that up until now hasn't shown itself worthy of trust or loyalty. Thanks.
 Quoting: Mr. Robot

No offense man, but you sound suspiciously similar to a bot.

If you’re not, then your tone is too negative for me to carry on with you.

Actually, even if you are I’d rather not engage further.

Good luck yo. Or beep boop beep beep boop.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78017338

The feeling is mutual, asshole. Everyone I speak to on here has the same goal, so conversations typically end when they say that my complaints about that goal are 'too negative.' Not really important to me.
 Quoting: Mr. Robot

Huh.. so everyone else is wrong?

The only person you’ll ever change is yourself.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78017338

That's hilarious. I can go to my local house of worship and see an entire shelf of books with paratexts to the sacred word with the sole object of explaining why nothing about a culture that only benefits a few wealthy slavers can ever change, nor can its teachers ever be questioned, and instructing believers how to lie to, injure, and wear out unbelievers. If others don't have to change and get off scot-free, then neither do I.

And no, everyone is not wrong but me. But when I'm forced to solely associate with a group of people who are all reading from the same playbook, then fatalism and obstinance are the only suitable reaction. You nullify personal conscience in an attempt to achieve your goal, do horrible things as a result, and never allow yourself to admit that this is why you failed to convince the person you did them to that you really and truly are good people.

I know you're not going to respond to this honestly, if you even respond, but every single noble goal or attribute you want me to have is calculated toward further those same interests. A poor person becoming poorer is change, I guess. As is a sick person becoming miserable. And sure, I can lower or eliminate my expectations, but why don't you do the same? Because this is about coercing people to do what you and yours want. And that is all you'll ever be to me, because that is my experience with you. Not worth helping, not worth saving. The only times I have been remotely happy have been when I have gotten away from you and your deranged attitudes for even a little while. Thanks for nothing.
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