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Message Subject What would you say to him?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You've offered more words, and less explanations. I don't care what happens to you because you did not care what happened to me. Simple as that. If you want to convince me of an important truth, then have someone who is actually important tell me to my face. Not some dead Chinese being quoted by a low-level shill.
 Quoting: Mr. Robot

All things are free-flowing, untrammeled.
What bondage is there, what entanglement?
You create your own difficulty and ease therein.
The mind source pervades the ten directions with
one continuity.

— Tzu-hu (800-880)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78153486

No, I'm not going to live a life of deprivation and peasant awe so wealthy monsters, and prep-school thugs don't have to face any consequences to their actions. Personal enlightenment is BS, and a cover for what you are actually going to do. Nukes refute the Buddhists, just like at Hiroshima. Stop trying to make your goals my problems.
 Quoting: Mr. Robot

All things are illusory; when you create, it is an illusion, and when you receive, it is an illusion. When you are conscious, it is an illusion, and when you are confused, it is an illusion. Past, present, and future are all illusions. If today you discover your faults, use the illusory medicine to cure the illusory sickness. When the sickness is gone and you no longer need the medicine, you will still be the same person. Think deeply about this.

- Ta-hui (1089-1163)
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