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Message Subject What would you say to him?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i wouldn't pretend to be me if i was you fren... Not only do you not want the grief but you really don't need them checking you out either, and let me state nice and clear, eyes, ears, thoughts, and every action... monitored 24/7

and that is less than 1 percent of it!

Not bein funny but...only a fucking fool would even think of pretending to be Jesus..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78364611

After my Brainwash
They told me
I had Amnesia
My name was Written here and there
it's JESUS
Then on GLP
Things appeared...
From Google Drive
From my trash bin
From private conversations
On and on
Then I projected
Some time passed
And I found 5 other Jesuses
One of them on GLP
HE lives in my street
The others playing the game
On the block
Slowly I learned...
More into this game
The evidence is not erasable
20kms further..
Another city..
Same tags
All the way to SANTIAGO?
Point is
Over 10 Jesus in my town alone
One of them spraying
One of them praying
One of them on GLP (Hi Ed)
Like me they'll all get over it
They said
Its a game
They say...
But they all triggered
And they love to trigger
Someone keeps them down
In isolation
Who is the real man?
Not me... it could be you
But I think...
It's everyone in the ponzi
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