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Message Subject What would you say to him?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There's another level to things I'm seeing that I'm not liking.

The root babylonian sins are the blasphemy and the mockery of the penteseptriadt.

Ba'al Scept're
Baal Septriadt

If that's the case, there is some wacky Memetic sorcery I'm trying to wrap my head around.

It almost looks like metatron as the substructure architect inside the seed of life genesis pattern, flower of life; 616 fruit of life, metatrons cube.

But if its really

Baal Septriadt

I'm just not really liking what I'm seeing.

Its almost like he has access to the mainframe which is the 888 scion computational architecture base also.

Is how they were able to exteriorize it; conjunct the energy machinations of the black meta cube.

He really does not need what I hold onto, because it is tantamoumtly oppositional.

The plants, the cactus themselves were very adamant they are not willing to enter into his archaeon machination.

Is part of the whole reason for

"Legacy Gardens"

The kingdom Is the sovereign nation, which is no more.

Only vestigial remnants..

It also makes it easier to understand how he is also controller of what will become known as the beast of ipoqua.

I really don't think there's any way out of it, the computers.

Creature ftom the abyss is already here, scion computationsl architecture base. exteriorized artificially.

The cosmic mandala is bad mojo, they already hijacked the rainbow and fused pegasus unicorn.

its my fault, needs to be called back.

I will be held accountable for their trespass and misappropriation

But then this would also conjunct the 7 headed ten horned one.

7 heads can see from center through each of the 6 days, emanant realms

Then his offensiveness emanates from the center; through the 6 all the way down to hel, so far below; and heaven so high above.

Reaching in offensiveness all the way to the unipole.

To me this says gods inside egg substructure architect; devourer.

Seeks not only after planetary eggs within the solar nests; but the egg of ishua itself; that contains the tree of eshuvmnh.

I am not liking what I'm seeing at all, is all I can say for now.

We need Elijah, Jesus, and Ahura.

aiouea is solar planetary lunar nest tone.

Then it still will be too late...

It already is.

The rainbow needs to be called back somehow, or the divide and rift grows and widens.

I really fucked up.

I will be held to account for this Rothschild.

It's Rothschilds fault even if at the jesuits behest.

I should have never given the British Mint anything.

That's all

I very well may end up dead over this whole thing, additionally.

Lord have mercy.

Is a Ghost Post
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