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Message Subject What would you say to him?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

anti matter realm


baal AND sophos


etc etc

it's quite simple.. this is their realm

cyber realm

hence yer metatron etc

it's really not that complicated

now their is things about "him" you do not know

not written


let me just say... not even satan is stupid enough to bring the main man to his lair, only a fool would attempt such foolishness

this is all much closer to home than you realise

the fool is here and shatting his pantz that someone else is gonna twigg his real nature

He knows, that i know, so let's say WE both know, and not another single soul gets it

Now then....

there is this...... imagine baddest mofo ever created and indeed created before time began, because time saw this moment

(top down)

Now then Q's +++

is C plus mk 3 (derivative)

(i have seen the coding of the matrix

in appp form it is crosses, lots of them

white ones
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