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Message Subject Vegans, help me go vegan
Poster Handle Blackc4t
Post Content
One could always ask Toth. Maybe the link to source can help? I mean you fought Archons, surely turning vegan should be an easy thing after doing that?

All is light and Love.... Until you make starflower angry, then your an idiot or a force of darkness, or my personal favorite, someone without a soul.

I'll do OP the favour that he/she will not do to me in answering its question.

If one wants to become vegan, all they have to do it stop eating or using animal products, pretty simple.

It amazes me you can fight Archons but can't pull some vegan recipes of the Internet?

You seem to be using drivel and fantasy to attract strangers attention on the Internet. You claim to be enlightened but can't get over your anger and act defensive.

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