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Message Subject Caravan=decoy WW3/Venezuela/China/Azov/Carrier Iran P10//NATO KERCH?P20/Rus Nuke Drill P23/ChemTrain,Suits,UK-US?P24 /PAK-INDIA GET READY P33
Poster Handle ITS SOON
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VERY Confusing situation... and dangerous.
 Quoting: ITS SOON

This is utterly PRICELESS! A Double-False-Flag????

Two weeks ago, Intel proved it was Ukraine bringing in chemical tanks to Mariupol and at that time, Donetsk and Luhansk screamed to the world that Ukraine was going to use chemical weapons to fake an attack, and use it as an excuse to enter the breakaway provinces by force.

NOW, Ukraine is saying that Russia is bringing in chemicals to use in a false attack . . . to use as an excuse to enter Ukraine by force.

So Ukraine brought chemicals, and is now saying it is Russia bringing chemicals - both sides claiming it to be for a false flag attack to justify military intervention! ! ! !

It doesn't get any weirder than this.

My personal "takeaway" from today's announcement by Ukraine: THERE ABSOLUTELY WILL be a chemical attack and both sides will use it as an excuse to enter the other by force.

War is coming, folks.

As sure as the sun rises in the east, war is coming. Soon I think.
 Quoting: NYC-Beat Reporter

indeed seems like a double false flag...
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