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Message Subject Caravan=decoy WW3/Venezuela/China/Azov/Carrier Iran P10//NATO KERCH?P20/Rus Nuke Drill P23/ChemTrain,Suits,UK-US?P24 /PAK-INDIA GET READY P33
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Donetsk : Ukrainian troops injured and killed on their minefield trying to approach DPR border

“Two enemy’s squads each of 12-14 troops attempted to sneak up on positions but instead stumbled upon their own minefield. Some mines were triggered, preliminary, injuring three soldiers and killing two.”

Two Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance groups made an unsuccessful attempt to approach Republican forces on the Mariupol direction,

The remaining troops leaved the area promptly.
 Quoting: ITS SOON

29 december Christmas ceasefire comes into force in Donbass


In the past week, Ukraine violated the ceasefire 136 times, firing 70 shells at 23 Donbass townships...

in Russia christmas is 7 januari ...
 Quoting: ITS SOON

Cease fire didn't hold

yesterday evening 29 dec :

- Heavy machine gunning, Donetsk, at airport...

- Politbiytsiv: Heavy machine gunning

- Avdiivka: southeast, a couple of ka-booms and gunfire

- Shelling & gunfire inKalininskyi

- Shootouts in Gvardeyka

- "Around 11:00, just at the #Rossini-#Universytetska intersection, some 10 wearing camouflage smocks, performed shooting + - Shooting down an UAV.

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