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How to Tell Good from Bad in Media, Products, Businesses

dr. blaqoq ph.q
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11/21/2018 05:31 PM
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How to Tell Good from Bad in Media, Products, Businesses
Hardline is as follows

Someone or group working with the truth in honest endeavor, has value at face value. No persuasions. No gimmicks. No adjectives. No intensifiers. Few if any aliterations. No hocus pocus, abracadabra, alakazaam. No fine print. No devil in the details.

Truth is a pile of dog shit in front of your mailbox thanks to the neighbor. No question about it. It stinks. Brown. Flies on it. Came from a dog's asshole. Bite taken out of it from the dog, or the neighbor.

Bullshit is McDonald's.

A song, a dance, a colorful box, a Happy Meal. "Beef". A clown. A free toy. Sale prices. Slogans. Product placememt. And the dog shit is served in a wrapper with food coloring, condiments, salt, pepper, sugar, MSG, and deadlier than alcohol, tobacco, heroin and cars combined. AND it is marketed to children.

That one example demonstrates how fucked things are. How long amd widespread McDonald's is.

Some will argue, it is supposed to be a choice. Don't go there. Well, many don't. I don't. Problem is it's not like McDonald's exists amid gardens of fresh produce growing for free and you literally have to choose between the best choice and the clown. The clown works to get rid of the gardens, and says, even though there are 10,000 McDonald's and no gardens, it is still a choice because after all, you can choose to starve to death or move now that you are surrounded by clowns. (pls, get the point I'm making here and not tax the absurdity of the example made for good humor)

We are surrounded by clowns on every level. At every choice in life. Our options are leave into the great unknown and accept the clowns have taken over, fight the clowns and most likely lose and do no damage to the clowns, or stay with the clowns, eat shit and die.

Or get creative. You tell me