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Marriage done right, with the right person, ENSURES monogamy. Don't let society convince you otherwise.

Anonymous Coward
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11/26/2018 11:15 AM
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Marriage done right, with the right person, ENSURES monogamy. Don't let society convince you otherwise.
Don't you ever forget that marriage is beautiful in God's eyes and many have fallen prey to corruptive programming.

God created one woman for one man. To help her man, to love him, to lift him up and reproduce for him.

When you find the RIGHT one, you will KNOW. He/she will be the yin to your yang. Whatever one person lacks, the other will makeup for. When both people put in the effort, please each other sexually whenever the other wants, LOVES the other, you will not want another person. The lovemaking ans intimacy you give each other will keep you hooked to each other like a drug. Of course other people will still be attractive, but they won't matter.

And this is why marriages fail and are done wrong nowadays. There's no intimacy, no loyalty, women just give the man sex to "get it over with" instead of ENJOYING it. Men are not giving their all and women are turning into men. The whole concept of marriage s screwed up thanks to society. But it is up to YOU to separate yourself from the world and make your marriage work. I promise, with true love, comes all the cockroaches coming out the woodwork trying to break you up. But conquer the cockroaches and give love a chance. God will BLESS you when you fulfill your role as THE MAN or THE WOMAN.

I know what it's like to be cheated on, so before you go into the negatives of marriage, I know. BUT, if the other person recognizes their flaws, and is willing to turn to God, God takes the most seemingly impossible and turns It into a miracle. God can heal your wounds and use you to be a blessing to your mate.

Above all, to make marriage work, ALWAYS tell God to guide you and your partner to be the best you can be to each other.

God is good, so much more than we know and deserve. If you find love, HOLD THE HECK ONTO IT AND SCREW ANYONE WHO COMES BETWEEN IT!!!

Just some thoughts for the morning.hfhf