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Message Subject He/him/his/he's/anomaly of pronouns major warning
Poster Handle Halfthekasmos
Post Content
There is a sweet spot in the middle.

We are ALL that.

In a state of being - there is no need to claim anything!

Or to be preoccupied! Simply be that which you are.

 Quoting: PhiloSophiaZoso

Right right, I post this a lot because I like it, so here I will post it again, because we're all this:

This mind, perfectly and fully realized,
Moves with a clear, tranquil spiritual awareness.
It encompasses heaven, covers the earth,
Penetrates form, and rides upon sound.
It is a boundless openness;
It is a summit rising with forbidding abruptness.
It is a radiant light shining from the crown of your head,
Illuminating wherever you are;
It is an awesome wind, rising up at each step you take,
Enveloping all things
If you are able to make this mind your own,
Then even though you do not seek excellence yourself,
Excellence comes to you of its own accord.
Without seeking emancipation,
You are not hindered by a single thing.
- Zen Master Daito (1235?1308)

 Quoting: Hermit Seb

 Quoting: JesusIsLifeBruh2

That's absolutely true, until you desire someone who desires you equally.

Then it's harmony.
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