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PHI = DivineFeminine


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United Kingdom
01/09/2019 10:49 AM
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Re: PHI = DivineFeminine
Must be linked to love

Philo sophy. Love of wisdom.

 Quoting: Nerio

The Divine feminine, is it in nice words, wisdom, a nice ratio, a pattern, a series of numbers or nice songs like the one I shared :) or is it something deep within the self, something beyond the games and veils, maybe something past the make beileve

For the pilgrim who takes upon themselves to find the divine feminine and truth of that within themselves, she stands waiting there at the doorway. Let forgiveness, compassion and self love be your guide if you should take up the journey

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01/11/2019 05:44 AM

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Re: PHI = DivineFeminine
Thread: The Vitruvian Proportions of Men and Hourglass Shape of Women is Declining !!!
virtue, virgin, vessel, venerated, vivid, valor, valiant
victory, valid, veracious, veritable, viable, vigilant ............. verifiable !
Be awake aware alert fully conscious fully realized ...

A little child inside:
Innocent quiet observant alert aware awake conscious ... let nothing stand in the way.
Instinctive, Intelligent, Intuitive
The 3 eyes
and Innocent ! ... The 4th ...i...
God is Atheist, Satan is a Christian ! God is a word for unknown science, Gnosis/Wit refers to the understanding of mechanisms.There is no-one like god, Christ-like, or like anything only the original will suffice. bnbcrap ... silence states the obvious ! The truth is self-evident. All those with "i"s shall C.