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TRUMP will loose in 2020 if

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11/27/2018 08:49 PM
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TRUMP will loose in 2020 if
TRUMP will loose to massive fraud if we do not setup a national Voter registry. How do you know that the voting machine did not flip your vote ????? You would log in and verify that your vote is as you voted, if wrong, you check a box to correct the vote. This system would serve many functions such as identifying voting districts that have the most fraud, eliminate multiple votes using the same name, deleting any voter that is not in the registry, thus their vote would be void ( think millions of illegals) AND eliminate vote theft by way of stolen absentee ballots. Each voter would have to register and use a PIN / Password.

The LEFTIST Billionaires were smug and confident that Hilary had the election, so they felt that there was no further need to cheat; this time, they will be using every trick in the book to steal the election.