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Facial Recognition for Liberals

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User ID: 77064414
11/28/2018 05:45 PM
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Facial Recognition for Liberals
Downs syndrome people have what we characteristically call a "Moon Face". Many Liberals can also be facially identified by what I call a "Hawk Face". High cheek bones and a characteristic "Eagle Beak" nose. They also have a predisposition to wear those stupid ROUND granny glasses. John Lennon / Elizabeth Warren are good examples of the Hawk Face. It takes a little practice to id these imbeciles, but It has never failed to ID a leftist tard. As far as I can tell, nobody has yet associated facial structure to mental illness associated with modern liberalism. This could be a smoking gun to prove structural and organic illness. Keep in mind that many libtards are really not liberal at all, they are asshole opportunists and would sell their grannies opioid suppository (Hilary, Schumer).