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When/What made you realize, in your personal life, the system is corrupt?

dr. blaqoq ph.q
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11/29/2018 06:44 AM
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When/What made you realize, in your personal life, the system is corrupt?
I instinctually knew my whole life. Just did. Never fit in and not because I was malicious, because I value peace, quiet, honesty and beautiful women from the time I was a kindergartener. Life tossed me around between then-1985 and now, though I always kept myself. I never gave up on the good stuff even when I thought it was cool to be bad. I wasn't BAD I just had a bad attitude. However, ...

When I was 31 years old, 2011, I experienced first hand as an adult how FUCKED this whole dillusion of humanity is, in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

More than one incident, though I can summerize: it occured to me to spend some time on the beach to clear my mind and do some self exploration. And no matter if I kept to myself and moved along the hundreds of miles of sand on a beach towel, between midnight and five am, a fucking cop will find you and fuck with you and ticket, fine, arrest, kick, punch, toss you off, ban you from the beach. The beach is closed, they'd say. And you have to leave and not go back for awhile, because if they see you again, you're fucked.

The overall mentality is, if you're not in a car, shopping, working, going to school.. you are garbage. Criminal.


More educated and moral than those cops and ten generations of their pig vomit ancestors. And with no one to tell or show or way to stop this, which still goes on every fucking day, .... fuck hope. Fuck hope in that direction. And until a time exists when that kind of shit doesn't, I will not rest, I will never stop, I will not back down. I will persist.

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