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Message Subject Get ready for a HUGE big news DEATH. 48 hour countdown began last night.
Poster Handle Menrfa
Post Content
To all of the posters of nasty comments, please show some respect.

I can't stand Obama but if he were to die tonight I would mourn his loss as a former leader of this great nation or at least the fact that he was a fellow human being.

Stop the Hate.
 Quoting: Miggy

I completely agree
 Quoting: Nonentity

Then you don't know how to recognize evil. You had better work on that. Your life could depend on it.
 Quoting: Menrfa

REALLY? Sending out judgement that you are not allowed to so do by God's very laws... Perhaps you don't recognize the evil statement YOU JUST MADE? Pull the thorn out of your own eye...

We have different jobs and we speak to different people. The mark is coming and I will warn by any means, including helping people recognize Satanists who are not worthy of our respect. If you respect Satanists then you might not recognize the mark. You will think that your government is Christian and would never do that to you. The time to be polite about Satanism has passed.
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