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Message Subject Get ready for a HUGE big news DEATH. 48 hour countdown began last night.
Poster Handle ALL IS ONE IS ALL
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Apparently, there are some people on this thread that didn't live through the same Bush presidency that I did.

NAFTA started with Regan actually. That's why I NEVER considered Regan one of our greatest presidents. He tossed our mentally ill out on the streets and he is the one that originally conceptualized the free trade zone that became NAFTA.

But Bush senior drove that NASTY POS baby home, and I remember when he did. I remember thinking "this is absolutely going to fuck me for the rest of my adult working life." And it most certainly has.

My father was one of the 11,345 PATCO air traffic controllers that Regan laid off and banned from federal service for life for their very justified strike. (Not that I dig union thuggery. I've resisted it many times in my life. But PATCO had EXTREMELY good safety reasons for the strike. This wasn't just for them, it was for the passengers.)

Carter deregulated the trucking industry. It's still total shit pay now and unbelievably unsafe.

Carter, Regan, and Bush Sr., all did their part to fuck America raw. And of course, Bush Jr. pulled off 9/11, ... or at least allowed TPTB to pull it off. Bush also signed TARP (FUCK those banks. Bailing them out just robbed American citizens and put one more nail in the coffin of our economy.)

Then Obama completely FUCKED my healthcare. Completely...FUCKED...it.

The only president since FDR that hasn't done his part to fuck over the American people got his brains spattered all over the streets of Texas in front of his wife. And the CIA director responsible for organizing that fuckery left the world today.

So, I didn't choose to speak ill of the dead until now, but if I choose to speak ill of the dead, it's because I've lived through this shit fest all of my adult life. Their evil deeds have personally affected me, enslaved the entire working population, including my family, and don't even get me started on the drug war that POS Nixon unleashed on us after Johnson finished out JFK's term.

I have friends in their 50s and 60s who are desperately trying to find work because they have to compete with illegal immigrants, prisoners and of course, people 30 or 40 years their junior for work. We have 4% of the globe's population and 22% of its prisoners, and nearly all of these prisoners provide nearly free slave labor for corporations.

I'm not going to say something nice about a traitor that partook in the destruction of our great nation, the enslavement of our population, and the creation of the largest prison state in the world just because he's dead. Especially not while I'm still trying to survive what he did to me and mine.
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You must be about my age.... we share some interesting old fart experiences... I
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