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Message Subject Get ready for a HUGE big news DEATH. 48 hour countdown began last night.
Poster Handle OUIJAZAZA
Post Content
You guys ai2e so fucking gullible! This guy did the Q method wei2e he calls out something that is obviously going to happen an when it does thei2es a 100 pei2ecent chance his prediction is i2ight on because its so \/ague.This world has millons of people on it ,of course someone in the media spotlight was going to die an they can claim SEE it was a big impoi2tant pei2son with bush dieing, if it would ha\/e been adam sandler the person would still have claimed that they were right(you cant be wrong in this situation)

Its been all o\/ei2 the news this week about how ill bush was i dont know why you guys ai2ent bi2inging that up. MY PREDICTION TOMMOROW ON 12/2/18 A NFL PLAYER WILL BE INJURED, AN POSSIBLY HA\/E HIS CAI2EER ENDED )see how that works?( gullible idoits
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