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Message Subject Get ready for a HUGE big news DEATH. 48 hour countdown began last night.
Poster Handle Draxx them Sklounst
Post Content
5 Stars.

What other insights does Hubby have?
 Quoting: The DarkShadow

The “danger factor” insight. He can tell me if something is safe or not, or if a person is safe or not. Or if someone needs help, the root of the problem, he knows immediately if something is not right without anyone telling him.

For example, I went on an Alaskan cruise a couple years back. Before I left home he told me, Don’t worry about the submarine that’s going to pop up. You’ll be fine. It’s not anything to worry about.” I immediately said something like, “haha, very funny. Not funny.” He just looked at me and said he was serious, I’d see a sub pop up, and I didn’t have to worry about it. No joke, we were whale watching off the back of the ship and out of the water in the middle of nowhere up popped a submarine. Couldn’t believe our eyes! All the passengers around us were gasping and freaking out, but I stayed calm. It was crazy for sure! Then it just dropped back under the water and that was that.

He has a great sixth sense.
 Quoting: Freckle Face

This is more than just sixth sense. I thought of your post when I heard the news about GHWBush this morning. Your husband is amazing.
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