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Tijuana situation solution

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United States
12/01/2018 02:23 PM
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Tijuana situation solution
listen up, just reported today December 1st. 2018 the mayor of tijuana is supposedly giving the "illegal invaders" 2 days before he cuts off complete aid or runs out of aid for these people.

he's saying that Mexico has abandoned him and even caused this mess, nobody wants to help, and the situation is becoming a financial nightmare.

Why not start a go fund me page for tijuanas mayor, but here's the catch.. he has to use the money to deport these people back to their homes. not where they want their new home to be.

if not, we need to call or representatives and senators of Congress in order to demand they comprise on a bill to help tijuanas crisis right on our border.

they get deported, we don't have to deal with them. and we use some of the funds left over to reinforce where the weak areas are in our southern border.

also if you have troops in your town, by any border city here in the u.s. that were actively deployed due to this caravan, start something with your city hall or community/neighborhood to donate some foods, and drinks for them. they deserve a good Christmas (holiday) for defending our country and our borders and since they can't be with their familes.
we should do all we could to make their Christmas (holiday) as best as it could be.
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