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Poster Handle Lance Roseman From BC
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Well we have much going on in town today: the NASCAR Race, the Monument Avenue 10K run has 25,000 people signed up this year so many people from around the world are here, it's pouring rain, and Mrs. Louis has an assignment in Staunton, VA so just me and the cats home today.

Something has changed in commercial cooking--perhaps the oil they use? It has had deleterious effects on Mrs. Louis and I.

I bought a sammich at Subway last week and was ill all night, I bought us dinner at 'Cracker Barrel' last Friday and was ill through Saturday afternoon, my Subway sammich this week left me ill Tuesday, and last night's calzone and stromboli left Mrs. Louis and I puking around 1:00 AM.

What the #^$#*%$*%$ has happened with carry-out food?!?!?!

Edit to add: My semi-feral cat, Mr. Blackwell, was waiting for me on the front porch when I came home yesterday. My Orange tabby must have been in a fight with him because they were nose to nose through the back door glass with my cat puffed up and howling at him later that night. Then halfway through the night the opossum showed up at the back door scratching it because he ate Mr. Blackwell's food and wanted more. Cheeky little sh*t he was!
 Quoting: Louis in Richmond

It's poisonous I think. The cost cutting edges taken by not only the companies but the companies that deliver to those companies is horrible. Soylent green....vegetable oils should not be 'GRAS' at all. Canola (GMO'd rape seed...think on that term) literally means 'Canada Oil'. Complete garbage. 9/10's of the olive oil you buy is not 'virgin' though it can be marketed as such, it is still a safer alternative.
Follow the supply chain of where the food from these places actually comes from. Then look into how many actual companies there are that supply 90+% of all food places from restaurants and cafes, to hospitals and well...we'll leave it at hospitals since that is where they want us all. SO you can't beat local stuff, cooked from scratch. They sold us on the 'ease' while we slowly die of dis-ease...go figure.
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