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Poster Handle mona lizard
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I become greatly disappointed as well when others go behind my back about me.

The heck with him, the loss apparently really is all his.
 Quoting: Louis in Richmond

What I've learned, he would intentionally solicit negative opinions about me, then call me and dramatically ask what had transpired to cause such grief that x person was telling him about my behavior. Today he literally said, I needed to "answer" for my words to a drunk woman from a June event. These are my latest verbal offenses which I told her:

A) Parents should try to go for 24 hours without talking to their kids. (I don't say, go without loving, feeding, bathing, I say talking as in speaking words. This can be helpful to exchange of energy and actually being a listening parent.)

B) When she kept relentlessly interrupting me and insulting her own friend, saying her friend was heavy, unattractive, didn't deserve attention, I told her to 'shut up and sit down', so I can keep my conversation going with a woman who had obviously been belittled.

C) I am not sure about this...

I hope they are all cozy special tonight, only God could have delivered such an opportunity for me to stand up for myself.

Let me just say ~ that whiny ass, drama infused momma’s boy does not deserve your gorgeousness.
 Quoting: mona lizard

Thank you sweetheart. I have the week off, so I'll R&R some self-esteem back inside. hugs I'm tired of crying.
 Quoting: pool

I am amazed how many adults behave like adolescents.
Who has the energy for that nonsense? 1dunno1
I think the first time I noticed was when I joined the PTA. lmao

Sounds to me like rock star has the self-esteem issues...really. hugs
What grown person needs to ask everyone about something so personal?

I tend to be direct and not willing to ‘look the other way’ when issues arise.
Especially when giving someone my heart...

And, it’s ok to cry...just don’t let yourself get too used to it
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