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Gravy Lovers Unite. I shall be available to walk anyone through the methods I mention here. peace

For turkey or chicken baked and you pull the juices off the bottom of the pan and cook the giblets, you can thicken with cornstarch for a nice flavorful gravy. Stir a few tbsp. of cornstarch into some water or milk(1/2 c or so), depends on if you want creamy or brown, then stir into simmering pan of cut up giblets and roaster drippings. stir til thickened.

Fried chicken. removed from preferably cast iron skillet.. add a few(4 or 5, depending on amount) tablespoons of flour to pan and stir in with the fixings in the pan from having fried the chicken. Medium heat on low side not high side, ad milk a qt or so stirring until thickened. ad salt and pepper to taste and a spoon of chicken stock if you have it, it is not needed however. :)

If you have pan fried some steaks, chuck, strip etc, something that needs gravy.. again, stir flour into pan after removing the meat. Stir in about a qt of hot water stirring until thickened. :)

If you have a big pot of chicken pot pie fixings you can shake a few tbsp. flour into 1/2 cup of milk or so, stir into pot stirring until thicken some. will thicken more as you bake and cool.

If it is beef pot pie fixings, you can do the same with water, or milk and ad a spoon of beef stock.

okay, I think I have covered the gravy methods? I keep thinking of one more way I have not mentioned? So, hopeful I will not be back for an edit.

see what I mean?
sausage gravy.. use fixings from having browned the sausage and bacon :)
stir in a couple tablespoons of flour in skillet. stir in milk stirring til thickened. salt and pepper to taste. put over a warm buttermilk biscuit with a fried egg now and get a coffee. Lord this stuff makes me hungry! rof
 Quoting: rewind

^^^All of the above! The only difference is I don’t use cornstarch. Probably because my mom didn’t and I never have it in the cupboard.
 Quoting: mona lizard

hugs I prefer flour but cornstarch is doable. OBTW the meatloaf passed the taste test. I am very surprised it is absolutely awesome. cheer
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