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Poster Handle Paranoiaaaaa
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God is great, after looking at one house in the country I stopped by a random lakeside bar for a glass of vino and sunset gaze. There was the drama culprit's boyfriend at the bar. A federal agent hit on me, while I was chatting w the pregnant bartender, so I told him my latest story. I ultimately asked, should I confront my enemies or walk away? He said always confront thine splinter. So, I spoke to the culprit's boyfriend and said, it's either I apologize to your gf for something I said in the month of June about shutting up and sitting down or Rock Star is perpetually verbally abusing me. Culprit's bf smiled and said Rock Star had been soliciting everyone's opinion about me, when I wasn't at the gigs.

So fuck it, I'm single! Everyone's on call block.

Hey, I finished the giant bag of steamed dumplin's and watched War of the Worlds again.
 Quoting: pool

Well, good for you. I quite enjoy only turning my phone on now and then, collecting texts and only using it in the city for work. I have hours with it now. Like we would back in the day before cellphones. Dinner time...not answering...after dinner unless it rang twice in a row...meh maybe pick up. And then no one had phones all day long anyhow. 'Beautiful nuisances'...masterfully carved chains really.
 Quoting: Lance Roseman From BC

Truth! So many are slaves to their phones now.

Pool.. Good for you! It really sounds like Rock Star acts as if he's still in high school. You don't need all the drama! hugs
 Quoting: Paranoiaaaaa

Hey sweetie! hi Sorry I bugged out when you were still healing from the carpal tunnel surgery...how are those new hands working for you?
 Quoting: mona lizard

They are much better! That terrible numbness is gone. I still get a little pain around the scar on one, but it's not bad. I know they work better because I was able to scoop the guts out of 3 squashes & stir the pizza crust all y myself. I haven't been able to do those things for a long time.

I'm just dealing with my back still. the second shot I go from the new dr worked great!! - for about 6 weeks. I'm going back this week for another shot. Hopefully, it will last longer this time. you can only get 3 shots a year.
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