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Poster Handle Paranoiaaaaa
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Quotes are fucked up again...er um, pardon my French...but you get the general drift.
 Quoting: Lance Roseman From BC

Is it true some people have to wait a really long time to see a specialist , say for cancer?
 Quoting: Paranoiaaaaa

It depends on where you are. Think of BC, it is larger then WA, OR, CA and half of Idaho put together. There are under 5 million people here so timing to get to a Dr. in a populated zone can be a very long time. Plus look at me, say I got Cancer and actually went for treatment, I'd have to ferry off my island thingy (paid for) a few times a week. The same goes for all of Canada outside the Toronto-Montreal corridor.

$120.00 a month, for weak services. My community all chipped in for a CAT thingy, we got it and it told me my brain was fine. It's the scale of things.
 Quoting: Lance Roseman From BC

We don't have a wait issue here, we can see a doctor the same day and if there is an issue see a specialist in a day or two. We have a copay issue.

For emergencies like the Mrs. had in April, she was seen by eighteen different doctors and specialists during her twelve day stay, they even had the MRI machine magnets changed and realigned for a motion cardiac MRI, but that took two days for someone to fly here that could do the hardware changes.

For us it's the copay and it can take days or a week for Anthem BC/BS to adjust our coverage to cover any new issue that comes up or prescription need. I truly can't complain about them. They have filled our prescriptions at ninety day levels twice in the last month. we have six months of prescriptions on hand now and they are still refilling them monthly. Maybe they 'know something' is coming? I just know that's not how healthcare usually fills prescriptions.
 Quoting: Louis in Richmond

That is strange for prescriptions. Mine will fill for 90 days, but you have to wait until just a few days before to refill, unless it's an increased dosage or something like that.

They got a new girl that I see at the pain dr now. She's nice enough, but tried to tell me that she couldn't give 3 months worth of my pain meds at a time. I told her the last nurse did and it was filled. She just said that's strange or some shit. I know the higher scheduled drugs only go 30 days at a time, but mine isn't like that. It pisses me off because I pay the same copay whether it's 30 or 90 days. I could be saving money. It's like $20 something, but I sure could use that on something else. I feel like there is a problem if I know more than the person prescribing my drugs.1doh1
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